Caroling is great PR for
your school and spotlights
your music program!
Ideas for Kids
St. Louis Christmas Carols Association - 7425 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 353, St. Louis, MO  63105  -  314.863.1225
Email -
We can provide collecton cans and
songsheets to try this idea:
After your holiday
have a
Holiday Sing Along with the
audience and pass the
red StLCCA cans
down each row while you sing.
(It's helpful to tell the audience a bit
about our organization and our mission
beforehand, or include information in
your program.
Introduce your kids/students to the joy and satisfaction of
Caroling for a Cause"!
. . . for Families, Music Teachers, Choir Directors, Counselors, Club Sponsors,
Scout Leaders - anyone who has/works with children...

We can place carolers at St. Louis Lambert Airport, at area shopping centers & stores,
and get requests for special holiday events, too.  
Some spots are great for large groups, while small groups,
such as
Scout troops,show/jazz choirs and church choirs are perfect for others.

It's a wonderful way to gain recognition for your group while giving members a terrific
(and fun)
Community Service opportunity. Some venues make a direct donation to the
StLCCA for the performance;others allow groups to collect donations using our cans.  
If you are interested, check the current list of
Special Sing locations found on
"Join us!" page,then call or email our office or use the form on that page to contact us.
We will do our best to find a venue that matches your needs.
Neighborhood caroling doesn't work?  Do a "Special Sing"!
"In-School Caroling"
Send home a note a week or so ahead,
asking students to bring
'pennies for the carolers'.
Then, with a small group of singers,
move through the school, singing in
several locations, as students drop their
coins in the collection cans.
What a wonderful way to model caroling
itself and also demonstrate giving to your

Music Teachers
aren't the only
caroling leaders
in a school!  
Counselors, NHS,
Student Council and
other service club
sponsors make great
caroling leaders!

We would love to
meet with your
group to discuss
caroling -
call our office to
schedule and for
more information!
Can't carol outside of school?
Try one of these ideas:
What a FUN way for high school students or confirmation candidates to
community service requirements!
Create a "Caroling Club"!
If you are able to meet after school hours,
here's another wonderful idea:
Create a
"Caroling Club" for interested
students, and schedule a few rehearsals
before or after school, ot during recess.
Set a date to meet one evening at school
with members and their families - divide
into groups and carol through the
neighborhood, then return to the school
for hot chocolate and cookies.
What a great way to reach out to your
A similar group could be formed by church
choirs or youth groups - practice for a few
Sundays, set your date and go caroling!  
Great outreach for your church as well!
St. Louis
Christmas Carols Association
Caroling to Benefit Children
Since 1911
You're never
too young to
go caroling!  
Here's some great
ideas to involve
The Soulard Carolers visit restaurants and
other venues in the Soulard area,
led by Larry Liszewski and Tom DeClue.
Choir students from Rockwood Summit Middle School
and Kellison Elementary  caroling in their neighborhood.
Thank you director Lora Pemberton!
Brentwood Middle School youth choir caroling in their
neighborhood!  Thank you leader Ruth Fisher!
8th Grade Choral Club from St. Stephen Protomartyr School
at Metropolitan Square in downtown St. Louis.
Students at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in
Ferguson carol in their school each year.
Willow Brook Elementary Choir at St.
Louis Lambert Airport!  Thank you
director Phyllis Pasley!
Choir members from Salem Lutheran School in Black
Jack at St. Louis Lambert Airport - thank you, director
Cynthia Schulz!