The St. Louis Christmas Carols Association,
a non-profit
volunteer organization,
has been caroling to benefit area children
for 99 years.
Start a new
family tradition!

Looking for a new way to create
Christmas memories with your family?

is a wonderful way to bring family
members of all ages together, while
bringing holiday joy to others!

doesn't cost anything but a little time,
and can be done close to home,
in your own neighborhood,
or at one of our public venues!

has the added bonus of giving back
to your community by helping children in
our area with the donations collected.
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St. Louis
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All you need is a joyful heart and a desire to share
the Joy and Goodwill of the season in your neighborhood!
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St. Louis Christmas Carols Association - 7425 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 353, St. Louis, MO  63105 - 314.863.1225
Email -
St. Louis
Christmas Carols Association
Caroling to Benefit Children
Since 1911
The Kingsbury Place Singers, our professional costumed group,
perform at public and private holiday events throughout St. Louis,
singing in exchange for a fee donated to the StLCCA.

These fine singers volunteer their time and talents for  the benefit of the St.
Louis Christmas Carols Association and the agencies we fund.
Caroling to Benefit Children Since 1911!
Volunteer carolers sing in neighborhoods and public venues,
accepting contributions from listeners; donations benefit area agencies serving children.

St. Louis Christmas Carols Association provides
everything you need to carol and collect -
song sheets, collection cans, door hangers, helpful hints and ideas.

Gather your family, friends, neighbors, school, church or Scout group and spread goodwill in

neighborhood!  Just call 314-863-1225 or email to get started!
Click on the
tree to see
a slide show of
our carolers,
and hear
our song
"Caroling in
St. Louis!"
These sweet triplets carol with Grandma and Grandpa
every year (and yes, each gets their own can! :-)

Happy New Year!
Thank you to all
"Caroled to
Benefit Children"
in 2018!

Please contact your Area Chairman to
return your collection cans and any
unused supplies as soon as possible!
Click HERE to watch a slideshow of the 2017 KPS season!
 All remaining cards   
1/2 price!
$5 per pkg of 10 cards
Combo pack 12 cards

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to see all our designs!
Just who are the Kingsbury Place Singers?  
Here's the 2018 roster:

Danna Anderson
Kathy Bardle
Julie Burnette
Cate Hanford
Michelle Heitmann
Emily Meyers
Debby Shahan
Rachel Shelton
Sue Wallace
Laura Wiley
Claudia Wright

Conrad Dickey
Allen Gray
Casey Hanford
Charlie Hanford
Jacob Hinton
Dave Jacobi
Craig Schmid
Ryan Sextro
Gabe Sison
Connie Colvis
Brooke Emshoff
Marcia Jacobi
Autum Jennings
Nancy Mastin
Holly Mathis
Cynthia McCrea
Zara Petkovic
Ellyn Petrovic
Teah Sloan
Jennifer Toll
Mary Beth Wittry

Neil Jost
Kevin Koontz
Eric Lemmo
Elliott O'Reilly
Matt Sullivan
Ken Tucker
@ St. Louis County Parks Foundation
event at Tilles Park Winter Wonderland
@ The Boulevard St. Louis on Black Friday
@ The 2018 Festival of Lights in Kiener Plaza
@ a Santa Photo Event at The
Diamond Family in Manchester
2 groups entertained guests at the KSDK party at Tilles
Park Winter Wonderland
@ The Soulard Holiday Walk 2018
@ The Ladue Holiday
Walk 2018
@ a private party in Clayton
@ holiday events at Aberdeen Heights (above)  
and the Glen at Aberdeen Heights (right) in Kirkwood
with Ozzie Smith at an event at
The Diamond Family in
@ an employee breakfast at Nestle Purina
@ the Civic Center Transit Station downtown at rush hour
@ a Live Nativity at Ascension Lutheran Church
Click on the picture

to view a slideshow
celebrating the 10th
season of the KPS!